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Legal Notices

Important Legal Notices

The Revised Maclisp Manual (Sunday Morning Edition)
Alternate title: The Pitmanual
Published to the world-wide web by HyperMeta Inc.
Copyright © 2007 by Kent M. Pitman.
All Rights Reserved.

Explicit written permission was obtained from MIT to create this document as a derivative work of:

The Revised Maclisp Manual (Saturday Evening Edition)
Published in hardcopy by MIT Laboratory for Computer Science as MIT/LCS/TR-295.
Copyright © 1983 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“The Pitmanual” and “HyperMeta” are trademarks of HyperMeta Inc.

The following limited, non-exclusive, revokable licenses are granted:

Browsing of this document (that is, transmission and display of a temporary copy of this document for the ordinary purpose of direct viewing by a human being in the usual manner that hypertext browsers permit such viewing) is expressly permitted, provided that no further copying, distribution, display, or transmission is made of any such browser copy.

Bookmarking of this document (that is, recording only the document's title and Uniform Resource Locator, or URL, but not its content, for the purpose of remembering an association between the document's title and the URL, and/or for the purpose of making a subsequent request for a fresh copy of the content named by that URL) is also expressly permitted.

All other uses require negotiated permission.

The content of this document, including the guide to converting MACLISP code to Common Lisp, is offered for historical descriptive purposes only. No warranty of correctness is expressed or implied.

Interpreting the Legalese

The following text may help to clarify the implications of and rationale for some of the legal claims made above:

You may read this edition of The Revised Maclisp Manual at this web site free of charge, but you are not authorized to make copies of this edition of The Revised Maclisp Manual (Sunday Morning Edition).

The primary reason (not that any is legally required, but just in case you're curious) is that I want to be able to fix typos in one place without doing complicated versioning. If other copies of this document were permitted, it would confuse and complicate my update and delivery strategy, as well as my ability to update my advertising.

It is possible that at some point later, if things seem stable, I will be able to repackage this document more like the Common Lisp HyperSpec so that people can make locally cached copies. But for now that is not how things are, so for now you must read this document here.

The Revised Maclisp Manual (Sunday Morning Edition)
Published Sunday, December 16, 2007 06:17am EST, and updated Sunday, July 6, 2008.
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