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Sunday Morning Credits
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Sunday Morning Credits

Nancy J. Howard, my wife, and Jocelyn Pitman, our daughter, were helpful and supportive in a great many ways through the long process of bringing this document to the web. I couldn't ask for a better family, nor a more efficient delivery system for all the cups of hot tea that magically seemed to arrive at my desk while I was working.

Jocelyn did me the important and tedious service of typing in several chapters whose source files had gotten lost over the last couple of decades.

Nancy did repeated meticulous proofreading of the recovered chapters, as well as many other parts of the webbed document. In addition, she made many suggestions about wording changes to make the document clearer. I went ahead and made quite a number of the modifications she suggested, but there were also cases where I held back and left the document in its original form to keep some of its character as a historical work.

António Menezes Leitão read a draft of this document and, in addition to finding quite a number of typos, made several practical suggestions (which I implemented) about how to improve the intelligibility and navigability of the document.

Ken Harrenstien's amazing emulator of the PDP10, the KLH-10, made it possible to go back and test various details while sprucing this document up for release.

Alan Bawden, Pandora Berman, and Brian Zuzga (and perhaps others I don't know about) worked to rescue and restore a sufficient number of old files from backup tape that a substantial part of the MIT programming environment of the early 1980's could be recreated. They weren't working specifically for me, but I assume this is the kind of project they intended to enable.

Paul Svensson generously allowed me to borrow his copy of a properly configured emulator, sparing me the need to bring one up myself for testing.

With the help of all these people, I hope you'll perceive an improved document that still gives you the 'flavor' of the era out of which it arises. Where it is improved, I gratefully acknowledge the support of these helpful people in making it so. Where it's no better than it was before, you can just blame me, since I had the final editorial say.

  Kent M. Pitman, December 16, 2007

The Revised Maclisp Manual (Sunday Morning Edition)
Published Sunday, December 16, 2007 06:17am EST, and updated Sunday, July 6, 2008.
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